What is electronics

< p style = "text-align: left;"> The modern world - a world of communications, which means so firmly establishedin our daily life, surround a person almost everywhere. From the point of view of the person, such devices as a TV, phone, player, washing machine, microwave, etc. are completely different devices having different structures and functions (destination), but from the standpoint of science and technology can freely combine themone term - electronics.

Again, the same science as well as technology, defines as a separate industry, covering questions of theoretical and practical tools for the creation and use of devices for sending, receiving and processing ( conversion) information. The key to this process is the use ofe for all this is the electromagnetic energy.

His appearance this term is obliged to rapid advances in science in the second half of the twentieth century. From the point of view of science, electronics - is a complex and conditional term, uniting under a different branches of science, such as Radio Engineering, Electronics(General, semiconductor, quantum, acoustic, optical, microelectronics), infrared technology. Have much in common with electronics radio physics, electrical engineering, automation, computer technology and so on. N. In terms of technology, a variety of tools and techniques are used in electronics systems, communications, navigation, remote ControlION, location, military vehicles and equipment, and of course - in household appliances.

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