What are watches


Watches - a device that is worn on the wrist and is used to revEren time. Certainly gone are the days when they were indispensable, as now in the modern world, there are highly developed mobile devices that cope with this task. Yet, Wrist Watch - is an integral part of the business among the attributes of man, which changes appearance. Now many people use the clock as an accessory,which emphasizes individuality, originality and loftiness of its owner and perfectly accentuate and embellish any image .Kstati,.

Wristwatches are of three types:

  • Mechanical Wrist Watch has a mechanism that is put by a spring, which results inmovement of the pendulum, which acts on the wheel mechanism, thereby moving the arrow on the dial. In a mechanical watch and arrows are used only from time to time you need to start. There is a small drawback. Because of the uneven spring untwisting speed such watches may gain or lose;
  • Quartz watches, they are also electronic actuated by a battery. The pendulum is replaced by a quartz crystal. There are various models of the arrow on the dial, and a digital display. They are more accurate than mechanical;
  • Electronic clock - a quartz watches that have digital indicationth display. There are hours of use and hands and digital display. A very important material which is manufactured with the clock, as their curled from this reliability, cost and weight. The most commonly used material is steel, which has high hardness and chemical inertness. Also, using such materials such as brass, aluminum cnlava, titanium, plastic.

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