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The man has a very delicate and difficult psychological and social organization that is constantly evolving with man. Nevertheless, there are certain it faces that can not be changed over the centuries, creating a kind of dogmatic structure. Specifically, one of these "persistent" facets of human life is religion. Modern man, for the most part have long departed from the polytheistic perception of the world, or rather the higher forces that do nelGia explained scientifically. For most of the world's population, religion - a belief in one supreme God who created our world and laid the principles of the universe and behaviors that are described in the sacred texts. In particular, for the majority of the inhabitants of our planet, the main religion is Christianity, adherents of which are more than twobillion people. Of these, 300 million consider themselves Orthodox, the vast majority of whom live in Eastern Europe.


One of the main features of Orthodoxy is the use of the faces of saints venerated in this religion, ie the icons. Their placement obyanecessarily in every house of an Orthodox Christian, and is part of the ritual prayer. Icons are placed in the temples, they come with a prayer for advice, relief aid. One of the most popular icons in use any orthodox person is. This is one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox Church Fathers, on the importance enough none approaches God himself. Because of the special honor, icon of the saint have their own distinctive features. For example, the image of St. Nicholas in the Russian Orthodox tradition differed, depending in the winter or spring (the Most High), it refers holiday: Winter Nicholas depicted in episcopal hat (miter), whereasGd - without it.

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