How to become younger by changing hair color

< p style = "text-align: left;"> The human body, despite its complexity and a certain perfection in terms of evolution, stillsubject to aging and is not eternal. For many centuries, the history of man trying to find the key to eternal youth. Above that fought many alchemists, magicians, scientists, and even the current level of development of genetics and nanotechnology, the maximum that can do - is to delay for some time the aging process, mask definednye age-related changes of the body through a variety of cosmetics. Applying the whole arsenal of modern cosmetic industry, aimed at skin care, which is the first to suffer from age-related changes, we should not forget that with age loses its quality and one of the main attributes, in particular, female beauty -hair.


In general, according to the most authoritative representatives of style, successful hair is half the success of the entire image. Naturally, this role is not only a form of hair, but also the condition and color of the hair. It's not a special secreor that the discovery that hairstyle matched to the type of person, so as to maximize emphasize strengths and hide all the flaws. Hairstyle can significantly rejuvenate a woman, wear out, or vice versa - it all depends on the physiological (anthropometric) features, shapes and hairstyles woman's age.

Dwet hair

Exactly the same effect has and the color of your hair. Well chosen color can significantly rejuvenate you, but some mistakes in the choice may be, on the contrary, seriously old. That is why many middle-aged women who appear gray hair and wrinkles appear as the first sign of an impendingXia old age, often scratching their heads over, what color hair rejuvenates , think about how to hide the flaws (gray hair, hair defects and so on. n.), and, at the same time, much to look younger .

Based on the recommendations of many professional stylists and beauticians the world level, it can light hairmake a woman much younger than visually. But this does not mean that everything you need to become blondes:

  • First, the hair color may simply not apply to you, do not be combined with a touch of skin or eye color;
  • Second, the light - it does not mean white or white-gold.

Mlegged experts recommend the use of your natural color as a base by applying a coloring paint on one or two shades lighter.

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