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HTML - a language for describing hypertext markup, which allows you to move to different parts of the text,that can be stored on a completely different computers. More detail on HTML can be found on the website:. Pages that have been created using its visible through special programs browser to be installed on the user's computer. Sometimes different page elements appear differently looking at what and what browser version questionmatrivat. Provides clear instructions on how to display various items.

Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML created for page layout and it should be remembered that this is not a programming language. Hyper Text Markup Language stands as HTML. To describe the structure of the village to Use HTMLenjoy thi s tags that provide information about the features of the structure and formatting of pages and written in brackets < & gt ;, influencing the text from the inside. Symbol, which is located inside of the parentheses is called the contents of the tag. Tags are keywords and symbols placed in brackets. Any page can be viewed as HTML. To do this,do the following: in the "View" menu select "View as HTML", then you will be given information from the source code of HTML-code. Pages are made in HTML, which has several versions and have the extension .htm or .html.

Editors HTML

In order to write an HTMLdeveloped a large number of editors that simplify working with the code and make it possible to write with any text editor. When writing in this way, it is very important to know the language of html-markup. Most Web designers use a special program editors, without which it can not do if you do it seriously. Most Populars - HomeSite, DreamWeaver, Macromedia HomeSite. There are special programs - visual design tools that let you create a page without using a set of tags carrying everything you need automatically. This is a program like HoTMetal Pro, Microsoft FrontPage.

HTML language can be learned easily and simpleabout in a short time. It is important to understand the meaning of the tags and then you can easily formulate or modify text html page.

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