Art of erotic massage

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Throughout its long history in the principle of humanitynot invented, probably more effective systems of relaxation and enjoyment, rather than massage and sex. If massage pursues inherently more relaxation, therapeutic purpose, the sex - is the highest form of pleasure from the proximity of the two people. In both techniques, in principle, have one thing in common - a tactile effect on the skin or body. In casesae massage is done to stimulate certain receptors and nerve endings, and through their influence on the problem areas, organs, systems. Touch in the same intimacy imply stimulation of erogenous zones, as a preliminary stage of sexual activity, to excite the senses. Interestingly, two of these methodsiki can be combined into one, thus creating a new kind of art - erotic massage. Today there are many salons that offer. Despite its name and appearance vulgar form (as it may seem from some categories of the population), this type of massage originally had nothing to do with the brothels. When the weightsoot is not intended to direct sexual contact, and its main objective is relaxation, increased sexuality, sensuality, freedom from certain complexes and disorders of an intimate nature. This is a complex technique that combines elements and techniques of classical massage and petting - stimulation of erogenous zones person who is notinvolves direct sexual contact. If the first part of the technique, in principle, known to all, the excitement of erogenous zones depends on the tactile person.

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