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Once upon a time it is known that one of the best tools for relaxation, restoredtion, stress relief massage is. Another very effective way to overcome the crisis is, oddly enough, the culminating event in the relations between men and women - sex. And what if we try to combine these two arts and develop a system of relaxation, which combines the best of their hand? Oddly enough, but this metod was invented a long time ago and is called body massage or erotic massage. Its roots come from ancient India, as well as the origins of massage techniques, the art of self-discovery and yoga equipment lovemaking Kamasutra. Ancient Indians, probably more than anyone else knew how to combine practical techniques with spiritual realization. Ie not just practikovat massage technique as restoration of the body, and to make of it an art. The main purpose of such massage techniques - activate "life energy flows", bringing the state of the body to a state of absolute satisfaction or nirvana. As a result, the impact on the body is reduced (if not eliminated), fatigue, pain, relieveed load after exercise or tedious work, increases muscle tone and improves overall health. Appliances body massage is a complex sensory manipulation, resulting in significantly improved health and there is an unforgettable experience. The thing is that the massage is done very gently, gently, erhotic attractive. As a rule, the masseur, who performs it, revealing that significantly enhances the erotic sensations and promotes general relaxation.

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