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Modern medicine is developing very rapidlyof pace. Literally every day there are innovations in equipment, diagnostics, treatments and drugs. For all its novelty and variety of sections, all medicine can be divided into two main groups according to their relation to the organization of the treatment process:

  • traditional (all that is amenable to scientificin the explanation and treatment);
  • alternative (all treatments, which however was not amenable to rigorous scientific explanation).

The second group is especially the case, traditional medicine and its most spiritual and esoteric reasonable view -. Disease pursued humaneETS throughout its history and at all times there are people who have successfully fought with them without the use of modern diagnostic x rays, antibiotics and other "miracle chemical industry." All this can be successfully replaced by grasses and energy, the spiritual influence on the part of the attending (witch doctor, healer). Healeruses herbs or drugs acting on the patient through his healing energy. What explains this phenomenon you ask? It's enough to turn to, paradoxically, to science and to remember that a person takes advantage of his brain by only 5-10%, and the remaining possibilities remain a mystery. But perhaps somepeople are able, somehow missed opportunities of his body, revealing a mechanism of energy metabolism or action. Healing Healing involves not only the body but also the soul.

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