What are the garage door


Everyone needs their own home, the area where it will be protected from the weather, unwanted passers-by with a strangebubbled intentions can relax, etc. The house is primarily a means of comfort, which is so sensitive people. Another means of comfort, fairly common in our time, is the car. Often it is one of the top aides of man in his work and leisure, but it is also sensitive to external factorsas weather conditions and various vandals who may covet on the car itself and its internal equipment. Any self-contained vehicle owner clearly ponders the acquisition or construction of the garage for him. This room, which can be regarded as the home of the car, and as in any normal house, it must have an inputdoor. In this case, there are quite a variety of shapes and designs of garage doors that can satisfy the desire of every owner and fit perfectly, both in design and in the functional space area. By the way, if you need them can be viewed at: vorota-garazhny.ru.

Today, the most popular designs of garage doors are:

  • sliding - gate, which acts as the door to the cabinet compartment, ie requiring additional lateral space for rollback canvas;
  • swing - the traditional, most popular and etc.eshevy kind of gate having two hinged flaps;
  • Sectional - gate leaf which consists of several articulated horizontal sections, which, if necessary, access to the interior rises to the ceiling on a roller system;
  • Roll - analogue of the previous system, which sodarzhit much larger number of smaller sections in height. These gate fold when lifting roll in a special box;
  • tilt-up - gate in the open position are arranged parallel to the ceiling, but unlike section having a stable not convertible canvas.

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