Residential real estate in Europe

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It's probably not a great discovery desire to live better. This is quite normal and aspires to it any standardscial people. Given the realities of domestic, political and economic instability and the threat of a real war, which today is not something very much idealized, our compatriots are present in different forms desire to live in a region where everything is stable. For our rights, such a region, an oasis in the chaos has always been Europe.This is understandable, because there is no war, steadily working all institutions of the state, there is no corruption, high standard of living - just a dream come true, the ideal of our time. Naturally, if there is an adequate opportunity of our compatriots trying to leave the European Union to work, and in the future and stay alive. Naturally, with thisbeam will need to take care of a house and here would be appropriate to assess in advance, so to speak, coming bridgehead. Is not some big secret fact pricing for housing, because it is almost identical everywhere. By the way, see the prices, please visit: At the final price is affected not only the state of housing, but eron location, both within the city and the country. In addition, an important role is played by the level of development of the region and the attractiveness for tourism, investment and other points of view. Of course, even in the prosperous European Union, there gossudarstva top echelon, with the strongest economy and quality of life, and there are weaker. Naturally, the priceand housing, for example, in the UK, Germany, France, Norway, etc. can unpleasantly surprise (price per square meter can vary from 5 to 15 thousand euros). At the same time, for example, in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Baltic and Balkan countries this figure may be more familiar to us at 600 euros persquare.

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