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The new era in human history - is, first of all, the era of the Internet anddigital technologies.   To date, the platform of the Internet - this is the most effective tool for advertising and sales of goods. In this regard, it is significantly outperforms traditional methods such as television, newspapers, magazines. First of all this is possible due to lack of time traffic (airtime), which stands for hakazchikov advertising. Create your own personal site, it can be used as a highly effective advertising platform, which is independent of the ether, enough mobile and flexible in terms of making the necessary changes. In addition to purely promotional purpose, separate, specialized forms of sites can be great marketing tool. Online beneathbnye sites generally called as Landing page (target or landing page). By the way, Online: It's a page that contains strictly necessary information about the advertised product or service, and basically performs two basic tasks:

  • motivation of visitors to this page to nokupke goods or services ordered. In other words, it acts to convert a regular visitor to the potential buyer, including on a permanent basis the client;
  • study of the target audience and the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, implemented with the help of this page and make quick adjustments to the pageAmer and a method of supplying the target information.

There are four basic types of Landing page, implemented in the Internet space:

  • Autonomous Landing page. This is the most used format Landing, which in fact is a promotional offer seller in expanded form. The Basicsecond task of this type Landing is to encourage the user to immediate action;
  • micro Landing site. This ad Landing site, which is a complex of several pages (usually their number does not exceed five), wherein low-text content. Conversely, fillingmicrosites is due to the variety of colorful visual information (images, videos, etc.);
  • Chief Landing site. In fact, it is almost a full-fledged website, one of the pages to a target. This scheme differs lower efficiency in terms of the classical Landing, but has the definitionnnye advantages in terms of efficiency optimization;
  • segmented page. It is a complex autonomous Landing pages.

As is the case with conventional sites may Landing page creation in two ways:

  • through the efforts of the parties to create specializedesc organization;
  • the creation of their own, using the standard online tools (designers) Landing page.

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