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Everyone strive to earn good money and there are quite local explanation:

  • First, a good income - it's freedom of action, the ability to afford much at any time;
  • Second, a good income - is a good opportunity to accumulate savings.

This in turn provides additionalsource of income or capital, as the saying goes, "rainy day". But money quickly depreciate if the lie "under the pillow", so you need to make the money work - that is, to invest them in something yielding short-term or long-term income. Successfully made investments only multiply your capital, but you, of course, take into account all possiblerisks, because as is known in the USSR kinofraza "Citizens, keep the money in a savings bank" meets the equally famous example of the collapse of the system.

Many wonder? Ways of investment funds set, all of them in their own profitability and, at the same time, risky, but there is the most popularof them, namely:

1. Bank deposit

The simplest and most common way. But due to the fact that their number and competition increases, proportionally increases the risk of bankruptcy. Therefore, the need to make any inputs into powerful stable banks, or in several different provided hoursTo deposit amount does not exceed the so-called insured or guaranteed amount.

2. Real Estate

It is always current version from the point of view of their own, arendosdavaemogo home or an investment nature.

3. Securities

Provides a stubyl average income.

4. Forex

Currency Trading on the stock exchange may provide a fairly solid core (requires a fairly large amount of statutory) or extra income (speculative margin trading is relatively small amounts).

5. Precious metals

Constantly rising in price and always reliable because they are based gosvalyuta.

6. Bizne

In contrast to previous methods, requires constant participation, but it is the most profitable of all.

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