Implementation of CRM business automation systems

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  is one of the VarOPTIONS improve the efficiency of its operations and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

The system of customer relationship management is a corporate software to manage the entire cycle of working with clients ranging from stage to attract the transaction and the subsequent maintenance of otnosheny – building loyalty.

CRM system includes specialized modules for conducting client base and a complete history of customer relations. In this case, it is possible to store detailed information about your customers and other counterparties with which the company operates. Information maycontain both standard demographic information and behavioral lead stories purchases, contracts, contacts with the business. Based on this information it is possible to carry out complex customer segmentation, analyze behaviors and preferences of the target audience.

Software provideix CRM includes modules management and marketing communications activities. This allows you to plan promotional activities, and analyze their real profitability based on actual sales. In addition, the system records all the facts and the stage of interaction with the client's business, respectively, it is possible to trace theMovement customers sales funnel, to analyze the efficiency of the sales system at all stages of working with clients.

Sales Management module is used to automate the operations of Sales – from planning to sales of daily work on transactions with fixation of progress for each clientu. Analytical framework presented sales management tools sales funnel, plan vs. actual analysis of sales in the various sections – by product, region, departments, managers, and so on. In addition, you can create a variety of other analytical reports and models on the basis of all available information in the system. &Nbsp;

The system of customer relationship management also allows you to automate business processes, ie is a platform for automating the flow of working. This makes it possible to reduce the time and cost of performing the work, and to ensure compliance with regulations and standards of service KlienComrade.

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