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Every modern woman in their quest for self-sufficiency, effectively and memorizingemusya way, for sure, at least once, but tried to increase the nails, and some girls at all, regularly use this method decorate their hands. Elongated nail plate perfectly flat proportional shape covered with monotonous varnish or having drawn on the surface of the composition are in high demand and popularity among prestavitelnits women. Today, there are two ways to build:

  • Acrylic . The use of acrylic as a fairly strong material, it is possible (better) in cases where the nature of the nails are strong enough, and the owner of an active lifestyle;
  • Gel . Nails are made by this method - softer. It is more suitable for those who have the nature of the nail plates are flexible and thin. Such nail plates look much more natural and have a nice glossy sheen.

Modern cosmetic otrasl an extensive range of products. All of them are classified by two key indicators - the structure and viscosity. The first indicator is determined by the number of layers of the gel, as well as their functional purpose. In this regard, isolated one-, two- and three-phase gels. For example, three-phase gel, in fact, is a combination of three different gels nanOshima in sequence - basic modeling and fixing. In contrast, single-phase gel system is the product were combined in one package, all three components.

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