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to Get in modern conditions the factory of ethyl alcohol for the preparation of the brew is much more difficult than before. And the quality of this product is not always up to standards. The real way out is from our company, which can be used at home to alcohol good quality

Key benefits

Having made a choice in favor of our installations, the customer definitely will benefit for the following reasons:

  • Impressive return on investment. For example, to obtain 10 liters 96% alcoholand need about 20 kg of sugar and 25 kW-hours of electricity. When you consider that the product will leave about 20-25 bottles of vodka of 0,5 liter and the price level, then exit saving more than 5 times;
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  • No waste. All the fractions obtained in the process of making alcoholand including first one, can be used in practice, for example, as a cleaner for glass;
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  • Additional energy source. The resulting product can be used for cooking as moonshine, and is good enough bioethanol to use it in the car.

Our offers

Buying in our company home alcohol factory, you get your hands on a set of units and their stepwise Assembly. Detailed guidance will save you from unnecessary problems and misunderstandings. In addition, we can obtain the blueprints and to try to manufacture and assemble the unit on their own. The benefit of the design is quite simple and thought out, so if you have a home tool and more or less direct hands - it will not be a difficult task.

To operate our units do not require the arrangement of special rooms with a bunch of tools. Enough to have a supply of water used for cooling rectified, good ventilation and electricity household level (220V).

In our company it is possible to order drawings, Assembly drawings or finished column productivity from 24 to 500 liters of 96.6% alcoholand a day. Ordering can be done via phone and email. Delivery is carried out in any regain the country without restriction.

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