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Choice of dry feed Nekrasovo: theory practice I

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Yak Podolia website : some vlasnici dotronulsya popelkova Dumka, scho a Pekinese and Labrador can gaduate one of I Tim same food, smut right retrograte number I to love dogs. Unfortunately, nalca such a campaign can become a povna vdova from I I seriesn zacharovanna of animals.

Osoblivosti dekorativnih pord dogs polaha in duzhe Shvydko metabolsm, that spalu go for be called a few more hours. Yakscho stink not regularly otrisovat dostatni the number of calories they can razminutsya goglia (snizeni VMT cukru in crow). Nalco gpogle . Slast, optionsthe m of azovy tremor (memavl Ruhi kncok), apoplexie cob I in most hromu case navti death. Necessary taking into account takozh, scho small dogs nevelik of clunky, that calorimety harchuvannya need pdispval for rakhunok calorie, not zbilshennya obsahu servings. Today mi pogovorim about naybilsh accn I dorog feed for our Crichton.


Scho Takeo premum super class?

Pochnemo s, scho nestlike modne the word "holistic", I securevoice "super-premum" - oznachayut odne I those W. And not every marketing smoge virusno poyasnite TSI termni... Naprawd, holstiki - TSE "complex menu scho podoyti in sobi all neophane for health. It is believed, scho VSI GReddy here mozhut privatise in EU people. Respectively, Robino of visnovki on the topic NSA corms.

Whether yaky food premum class guilty mstate bilky, triman tilki s accno'yasa. The nom not guilty Buti barwnik, piece dodanih antioxidants I wtamu. Credimi I accname varauta brandy, that mstate be called a few more RSNA vidv'yasa. It's desirable, dwellers TSI Dzherela Buli Kazan on the cob list greatv. School one it's important skladova - Zernov culture. H the contrary, Buti got minimalna number, Yak nasty Zernov sevayats USA dogs.

Butt lnike Orsborn (Earthborn) - brand rosalene specjalno for small port company Pro Pac.

Daypopular in Ukraine feed for small part - TSE I holstiki Innova Orijen. When rozbor h skladu z asopus scho VMT proteo in Orijen, about 40 %, in the Innova - 27 %. Wise mi z asuvale scho dogs small port need Cheema proteo. However, 27 % ( permissible norm, and the large number of blca bude duzhe korisno only for active tvarin.

Varto Takozh razganata, Grundorf, especially betternow recipe. Note, scho vlasniki small dogs often niezadowolenie zanadto great Rosman suhariki Orijen. If you have duzhe little dog, that, perhaps, h dovedetsja, lamati on more of a small matecki.


Feed for konkretnih port

Yak govorilos wise when pdbr dry harchuvannya for dogs, need to obov'yazkovo considered a Rosmer. Some of virobnichi psli Dali shte I rosabelle lnike corms for RSNA port. For example, Eukanuba predstavlja products to Chihuahua, taxi I yorkshirskogo Ter RA. Royal Canin podbiv about the pug, Shih TSU, Chihuahua, Dachshund the Park.

sorry, VSI TSI feed mstate nevesomiy vasotec spaventoso'yasa, and not mozhut otnositsa to super premum class. Podna tactics s side brandv - no more than marketing scho dozvola of progati more goods.


Chim Godavari dog s Allergy?

If your dog Strada Allergy, I better for all to do the test on the proposed alergeno. M Mauger Buti yakas Roslin, drinking, humidity ABO harchovi component. From Razi harchova along, osnov result analtv, dovey vet smoge priznati DTU, Yak wyklucza allergen.

Dostupni I popularni in Ukraine butt specjalno rosablanche goalline feed - TSE Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein. He really snma simptomi along navti themselves zapodeni vipadkah.

Varto vcmii scho goalien feed, as a rule, not mstate powinni NaBr vsogo neophane sobat to Demba not rekomendatsi, perehoditi not paradisis s Lorem.

the Good of dodati scho Orijen, that shadowsa wise, also it is believed that allergenen zavdyaki svoa warehouse.


What are Robit yakscho dog filthy sty?

If the dog raptovo stopped STI, vlasniku naikrashe should the vet I z asuvate reason Taco Povedniki. However Sered small dog part nerdc asking, I just libglew of animals, that filthy harchuyutsya a rocky although VSI starane vlasniku. Naybilsh, vivalavida rocks traditio chitayutsya Yorkie I multisec lap dog.

Naire, what VI can do, TSE postijno mnati the manufacturer of the ABO pagedooley the dog from the table. Instead of tsogo Douce veterinary radiate Pdet one accne brand, that pidhodit to VASO parody, I methodically private dog korchuvate in pevnyi hour. Horos ficn navantazhennya I regular zanyattya conducted by dressirovannye takozh dopomozhut versity problem.

If you versile translate your dog at Novi diet, not robt TSE raptovo. Zadavaite Novi food in between, postupovo zblewski dose push stroke 3-4 days I spostarci for povedinka and samopoczucia of animals.

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