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In the book of life has played a major role. First of all, Knowledge of the art of printing has opened up the possibility of mass distribution of printed materials. Secondly, this fact made possible the mass dissemination of information, and thus increase the level of education of the population. Thus, even a massive printing press could not cover the desires and needs of the entire population. In such conditions, andnonideal tool for education and logistics have become library - collection of books, which could anyone enjoy their readers. At one time, yours truly was almost all levels of libraries, starting with children to serious regional library at the university level. One way or another, but a visit to the library - it sAtrato time to move and find the necessary information, processing it, and so on. n. In addition, not the fact that the right information is found, but the time will be lost for sure. Fortunately, modern scientific and technological progress in the face of the Internet, gave us all the opportunity to access to information, as they say, without getting up from the table. Enoughpopular analog of traditional libraries are virtual, electronic book depository presented collections of literature in format FB2-TXT. This colossal meeting of the raznoplanoy literature (from art to science), with convenient, intuitive and fast search engine. For example, books-for-you.info:, txt, epub, pdf, java phoRIAT enables absolutely free to get acquainted with books and if you like to download them to your gadget with all this, no need to go across town to the library, stand in line, and so on. d., and the use of the file format type FB2-TXT, and also the corresponding portable software that allows you to download books and read them with virtually anyTERM gadget (from a smartphone to a PC).

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