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Surely, those who are now 30-40 years old still remember thosetimes (90th years of the twentieth century), when the currency has depreciated so much that to be able to buy food or other goods available, it was necessary to use coupons. Fortunately, those days are gone, and despite the not so stable level of the economy and the possibility of purchasing a variety of proposals are on the dostatNormally the high level. Even so, the coupons have been applied, only this time, they are not used as the primary means to buy, and as a source of discount goods, fine marketing tool to help attract new and retain loyal customers. distributed via the internet and specialized coupon sites,such as, for example: CityCoupon, V7kupon, Cityeconom and others. Such sites directly cooperate with representatives of interested manufacturers of goods or providers of services in their marketing strategy actively use a tool such as discounts, promotions, bonuses, etc. In fact, any of these sites is promezhutochnym link, a mediator between the producer of goods or services and their customer (client) that uniquely ensures the best organization of interaction between them. Manufacturers do not have to look for ways to spread their promotional offers, using, among other things, expensive advertising campaigns, and now there is no consumer optionallysary to run from one place to another in search of more favorable conditions.

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