What is Internet 4G (WiMAX)

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In today's world, the presence of the home or office Internet- It is also normal, ordinary and inherent phenomenon, such as TV, computer, furniture, etc. Today it is part of our life, the most rapid, volumetric and accessible source of information, one of the most advanced means of communication. Until today, the majority of Internet access, both in private and in the production oftions networks produced by technologies wired, fiber optic data transmission. Nevertheless, the future, as we see it, all the same for wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, 4G (WiMAX). First of all, this trend is seen in view of providing a far greater mobility: there is no need to be tied to a specific entry point with fiberth cable. At the same Wi-Fi technology allows for even and wireless network, but still, to a certain extent limited signal coverage area. At the same time, 4G technology is tied to a mobile phone, and then allows you to access almost the entire territory, where there is coverage of the mobile operator. UseContents of this technology allows for data transfer rates up to 100 Mbit / s for mobile users. View approximate prices for 4G is possible here:. Mobile operators operating system 4G, are required to meet certain requirements:

  • Use for switching to IP-based protocols;
  • providing peak traffic of 100 Mbit / s to 1 Gbit / s depending on the speed of movement;
  • Using dynamic shared network resources;
  • smooth transfer between sessions on different networks;
  • high atLevel of mobile communication and related services.

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