Dried apples: benefits for the body, composition and calories

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Dried apples

To our joy, apples are our national treasure, and we do not experience a shortage of this healthy and tasty fruit. It is worth paying attention to dried apples, because. unlike fresh ones, we have a considerable range of products made from dried apples, which are currently offered by manufacturers, which you can buy here: https://www.yummway.com/.

You can dry apples on your own, but also do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to try high-quality dried apple snacks, which are obtained under special production conditions, when dried at low temperatures with the preservation of vitamins and reaching a certain degree of dryness, up to a crispy plate.

It is worth noting that dried apples in some cases have clear advantages over fresh ones: useful substances do not disappear after the apple dries, and eating a handful of dried fruits is often easier than eating 2 whole apples.

Pectin in dried apples

The benefits of dried apples in the abundance of fiber. Fiber in reasonable amounts is useful for the gastrointestinal tract: it improves digestion, cleanses the intestines, normalizes stools, speeds up metabolism, prevents the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract into the blood (the component of apple pulp, pectin, is responsible for the latter).

In the peel of an apple, for example, there is a lot of cellulose, and in the pulp - pectin, all this is dietary fiber; cellulose is an insoluble dietary fiber (it is not digested or absorbed by our body), and pectin is soluble, together they play an important role in overall health. Many fruits contain pectin, but apples are especially rich in it. In addition to a beneficial effect on the digestive system, pectin and cellulose have a healing effect on the skin - improve its condition in all respects.

If your daily diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, then you get all the benefits described with fresh fruits and vegetables. But if you are not a fan of fresh plant foods, then dried apples compensate for the benefits of fresh fruit for the body.

It should also be noted that when using dietary fiber, you should not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Dried apples inherit from fresh ascorbic acid, B vitamins, as well as trace elements: potassium, iron, manganese, selenium.

Are dried apples good for weight loss?

There are a lot of natural sugars in dried apples: glucose, fructose, sucrose. The calorie content of dried apples per 100 g without added sugar is approximately 230 kcal. Thus, it is quite a satisfying product. Dried apples can be used on diets and when losing weight, but precisely because they can dull the feeling of hunger and help avoid unnecessary snacks before bedtime. Dried apples are also suitable as a substitute for sweets during a diet.

Dried apples do not contain fat, but are rich in fiber, which is necessary for weight loss. The main thing is to observe the norm and not overeat extra calories. Be aware that some dried apple products may contain sweeteners or sugar. Initially, any candied fruits contain sugar, because. pre-pieces of fruits or vegetables are boiled in sugar syrup.

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