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Garden landscapes with passages

In the profession of the landscape gardener, the layout of the garden path is almost a separate domain. More and more, the driveway or passageway is becoming part of the outdoor decoration. They play an essential role in the organization of the outdoor space. To cite just one example of this function of this element, let's turn to exteriors of oriental inspiration and, more specifically, those of Japan and China. We know the essential importance of stone paths in Japanese and Asian design.

Garden landscapes with passages and garden path layout

And since a driveway is not of secondary importance, it must highlight the arrangement of plants, flowers and trees. But the garden path layout can also be a goal in itself, the heart of the garden decor. That's what we want to show you with these 106 garden design examples. Good walk !

Oriental-inspired garden path layout idea

Laying out a stone garden path is a solution applicable to all types of outdoor spaces. We have already mentioned Zen gardens and, in particular, those in the Japanese style. But, let us underline it, the stone paths fit just as well in modern gardens, in those of Mediterranean, English, French style, in aquatic spaces, in those of the dry and rocky type… In short, in all kinds decors imaginable!

Stone is one of the oldest materials known to man and it is also one of the strongest and most durable. It is therefore not surprising that, even today, it remains relevant in the development of garden paths. The natural resistance of this material is also the reason why designers are always finding new ways to incorporate stone into our outdoor spaces.

At present, stone comes in various and varied forms to satisfy all tastes and to fit into all types of decor. It is found in raw form, gravel, different kinds of tiles and slabs. All this, not to mention the mosaics, cobblestones, bricks and concrete!

The stone garden path layout for its outdoor space is therefore an excellent idea. But, before moving on to making aisles of this kind, you should still decide on the kind of aisles you want to have. To get a clearer idea on this point, start with the images below!

Lay out a garden path with pebbles

You can also decorate your garden path with pebbles or gravel. To add an artificial stone can be a good option, especially if it is large. These faux rocks and boulders are relatively light and can be easily moved to a different place if there is such a need.

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