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The air is one of the most important for the life of hThe person substances. In view of the development of modern society and production, involves quite a wide practical application of air. It is used in ventilation systems, to create a stable flow of air and provide the ability to work of employees in areas where natural ventilation utrudnen. Also quite common areXia air application in industrial processes (eg, fuel combustion), heating systems, pneumatic systems, and more. The main thing that distinguishes these cases from the natural use of the air, so is the need for the organization of its forced feeding and metabolism. This is made possible through the use of special gallatelnyh devices - fans. Their use widely as the structure, which in principle is clear. In the case of ventilation systems, the best option is to channel fan type, that is, one in which the inlet and exhaust ports are on the same axis. In Ukraine, the leader in the production of suchFan Vents is a company. In particular, one of the most successful solutions ducted fans is a series of VCR:. The housing of the fan is made of die-cast metal with subsequent enameling, allowing guaranteed to continue for the life of the term to 10 years. For speed and quality of installation, each fan sers VCR equipped with special galvanized fasteners. The range of performance fans VCR ranges from 180 to 5260 cubic meters per hour, with a power of 24 to 665 .

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