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An indispensable element in the wardrobe of every girl

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The most popular and comfortable clothing for many tensyears considered jeans. They have not only an attractive appearance, but also quite durable, so became an integral element in the wardrobe of most girls. With a variety of designs and colors to choose the perfect option that will accentuate the figure and personality, it is easy. Modern selects because this nVirtually versatile clothing that would be a great solution in different situations. Denim pants in perfect harmony with different clothing that allows you to create unique images, emphasizing individuality.

The story of jeans

The first denim trousersappeared in the United States during the « Gold Rush & raquo ;. In those days among employees of the mines there is an urgent need for a durable clothing that a long time will remain in usable condition regardless of the level of aggressiveness of the environment. Due to the decrease in demand for hemp sailcloth after transition toship running on a pair Austrian Levi Strauss decided to use it for clothing. Thus the cost of such products was low enough that allowed jeans quickly gain popularity. Over a long period, such clothing was considered only working, but eventually improved models and used for sewing variousnye tissue.

A variety of current models

Today's jeans are comfortable everyday clothes, while depending on the model selected, you can even adjust the shape. Among the most popular can be identified:

  • flared jeans;
  • skinny;
  • classic;
  • boyfriend jeans;
  • twisted.

flared jeans fit a reed and slightly tapered from the knee, while always closed shoes. They are suitable for any figure and perfectly match with the classic style shirts and jumpers, as well as close-fitting T-shirts. MOdel skinny enough skintight figure, emphasizing its harmony. Designers complement this kind of rubs and tears on his pants. The classical model of denim pants fits most and goes well with different clothes, regardless of style. It is able to pull the silhouette and hide figure flaws. The last few seasons remainsI actual model Boyfriend, ie in men's style. They are able to accentuate the fragility and femininity. Jeans with offset side seams are perfect girls with full legs, giving them harmony and visually lengthening. Often they extend from the knee and combine perfectly with the shoes with heels.

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