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Anyone who knows or at least intuitivelyrealize that the best way to keep your business afloat is advertising (otherwise, as potential customers learn about your work). This process is vital, therefore, the main characteristic of advertising is its effectiveness. It (the efficiency) is in turn dependent upon factors such as the content and the distribution method.Previously, the main source of necessary information were the media (newspapers, TV, radio). Now, however, the possibility of extending changed that significantly expand the target audience. We are talking about the Internet and its key element - the website. The site - a web page that contains information and advertising trialnature which belongs exclusively to the owner person or entity, allowing it to be placed on display all the necessary materials. In modern conditions, any self-respecting production (or any other field) or an individual have their own page on the net. This is not only practical and informative, but also a tribute to the image,which inculcates us modern society. Site - it is an integral and the most effective part of the promotion of any product on the market. From its design, content and promotion depends on the efficiency of the entire company. By the way if you interisuet - will help web studio "Froggy".

All commercial sites mYou can be divided into four types:

  • card (minimum clearance, the maximum necessary information);
  • Brochure (a variety of design and content);
  • online store (more layerzhny in terms of functional resource that simulates the work shop in virtual reality);
  • corporate website (representative site, the face of the company, containing all the necessary tools for the user and the employee).

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