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Man is by nature very curious, inquisitive and is always looking for something newth, interesting, exciting. Link to perfection, perhaps, lies in our blood, on a subconscious level. This process covers almost everything that has to do with people, whether it's improving your own body or tuning beloved car. Generally say tuning - it's real creative work, since it has its purposeyu improvement and changes in the form and characteristics of your steel horse, so to stand out from competitors on the road. At the place of application tuning is external and internal. External tuning is used to change and improve the external elements of the car, from the aesthetic side, and to improve performance. Bundercuts the same tuning, used for interior design of the car, in order to improve the ergonomic and visually aesthetic qualities. It all depends on the scope of imagination, desires and the size of the purse. Which is understandable, since hauling interior fabrics and design it into a luxury version - is radically different price preference. Moreover,design luxury class is applicable not only to passenger sports car and representational models (although this is the most consumer audience). There tuning shop that can make even (for example, for a meeting at the airport is very important representative of the delegation or travel long distances in luxury conditions).

Among Mr.The best-known tuning studio vans, it is worth noting the following:

  • studio Airstream (USA) - Tuning Mercedes Sprinter "Autobahn" total value of more than 130 thousand dollars;
  • studio Lexani Motorcars (USA) - Tuning Mercedes Sprinter "Beleza ". Van, providing luxurious conditions for travel, work and leisure potential owner will cost from 250 to 500 thousand dollars, depending on configuration;
  • studio Lexani Motorcars (USA) - Tuning Mercedes Sprinter "Re á le". Luxury mini hotel on wheels, which has Practnical all for a comfortable stay will cost 500 thousand dollars.

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