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In today's world, knowledge of foreign languages ??is not just a kind, worthy of respect,quality and real life and career necessity. This is especially true of the English language, which is historically the most common to study in our secondary and higher educational institutions, and also is one of the three most commonly used languages ??in the world. It so happened that the Soviet Union has been neglected cornerBlenheim and case studies to improve their knowledge. Also, there will be, for sure, a great secret of the fact that even learn the language in the right amount, it is unlikely you would be able to use it for its intended purpose, due to the closure of the border. In today's environment, when the border is open to the free movement (according to the documents, of course)opportunities to realize their potential language abound. In addition, certain activities directly need specialists with knowledge of the language, besides specialized areas (technical, legal, cultural). To improve their knowledge, there are a variety of language courses, where there is possozhnost communicate with native speakers, and hence deeper its development. Particularly effective form of training is the so-called video training - language. It is no secret that the majority of the information that we daily perceive from the outside world, it enters the brain through the visual system. Therefore, language training in video mode yavlis Busy one of the most informative and best to perception.

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