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The imagination of man at all times has been the main engine of progress and a source of new ImagesRetenu. It is thanks to the imagination, supported by the acquired knowledge we flew into space, plunged into the world's oceans, invented and internet connection. But the world and scientific progress does not stand still and is committed to all new and new heights. Almost everyone remembers the legendary sci-fi movie "Total Recall" (original or remake with Schwarzenegger KoLin Farrell) with such innovations as embedded devices communications, image projection and so on. It looks just like science fiction, but nevertheless, today it is the real thing, which, moreover, can be combined in one popular accessories - sunglasses. We are talking about technological innovations corporation Google - smart glasses. Tarnitura is glasses that are equipped with head-up display (placed slightly above the right eye), a video camera, control unit and information processing. As planned by the developers, Google Glass should be implemented in three conceptual features: mobile telephony, internet access, video blog, virtual reality. Prototypes and the first copies of the current product is fully realized only feature video diary, but thanks to the prospects of development, including in terms of the other two functions, it no doubt be interested in the military, as one of the possible options for additional equipment fighters of special divisions, and in the future and regular troops . Existextending at the moment Google Glass, implemented based on OS Android 4.4.2, has a 5 megapixel camera, protocols, WiFi, Bluetooth, 1,2 GHz processor, 16 GB of physical and 2 GB of RAM with battery capacity up to 570 mAh.

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