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Smart House

Smart House Smart house includes many systems, one of which is a security system that can easily bring  a quiet life into the house.  Distinguish several systems which job is to protect smart house: the prevention of fires, leaks, unwanted entry into the house of strangers. Well-planned and installed security system in the house is not a luxury. First of all it will prevent the unpleasant situations of life and get rid of unwanted material expenses. This opportunity will give you life, during which you will not need to jump of the smallest noise and afraid to leave the house for a long time on a business trip or on vacation. Generally, all represent imagine a " smart house" as a luxurious mansion, when entering to which you will not have to fumble on the wall in order to find an old shabby switch - it will be enough to slap, and the light will respond to your commands, and turns on itself.

Smart HousePerhaps you imagine a place where in the rooms for some time before returning of the home owners air conditioners dutifully start working, in the kitchen chicken, fish or meat is baked for supper in electric oven . It seems that this house, like a fairy palace. Due to these ideas, emerging consensus about the house: I can not afford it, you have to be fantastically wealthy to afford it. In reality, this is not quite so. We can assure you that the installation of " smart house" is possible as in a private house, as in any regular high-rise apartment. Naturally, this is not something which is possible to buy with one wage, put into your bag and brought to your house, but if you really think about buying this house, remember: a lot of costs will pay off very quickly, you will not have time to look back! Why? First of all, it will be much more pleasant for you to stay in a cottage or apartment. Secondly - it will be quieter and safer to life in the "comfortable house".

Smart HouseYou want to know how the "smart" house can protect your life? We will answer! His security system has three main components:
-Protection against intrusion of unauthorized persons on private property.
-Protection from leaks;
-Protection from fire;

 Control over the fire, is usually performed by sensors that react on even a slight change in the composition of air, which could mean the appearance of a carbon monoxide. If such an event is fixed, control will enable automatic sprinkler system, which stops the flow of fresh air, turn off the electricity, turn off gas. In its turn a light signal and a siren alarm will alert the people about the fire, and if fire will begin at a time when the owners would not be at home - the system will send a message to their mobile phones. The function of smoke removal is switched on along with alarm, which also sends the message to security service. These activities aim to averting the source of fire and preventing the spread of fire further on the premises. This means that the risk of damage to your dwelling is greatly reduced.

Smart HouseI repeat again - excellent and timely organized home security system is not a luxury. This is the only way that will help you to prevent, while not frequent, but very unpleasant situations in your life and pass them with little property damage, or without them. This is also an opportunity to live in peace, without the distraction on a suspicious noise and other nonsenses, often forcing us to listen. Your apartment will not remain without attention: the system will take care of it, and everything will be ok to the time of your coming from a trip or work.

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    Franky - 9.12.2012, 16:29
    Smart house system is amazing, with it future comes closer!