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Any normal person who is the owner of his own villageOhm, tries to keep order in the house and around it. Condition (cleanliness, grooming) infield also speaks of its owner, as well as the interior of the house. Someone can cultivate territory, plant flowers, paint the curbs and so on. And someone because of the greater imagination and financial capabilities, can build on withvoey territory of a botanical garden. In the professional field is the transformation of the territory referred to as landscape design. To implement ideas owner and designer used a variety of plants and auxiliary elements. One of the most popular items is a dwarf spruce plantations or. This is due, as with hhis- practical properties in terms of design, as well as mental predisposition (spruce - this is one of the main attributes of one of the most favorite holidays - New Year). The plant draws its form: the young plants it is spherical, and in later years gradually transformed into a cone. At what Barry is typical for eating more and thatwith sufficient power with age form can change at a quirky, individual. In contrast to its "full-length" relatives, dwarf spruce Barry reaches a maximum height of 2 meters and then for a full thirteen years, which allows, in principle, the landscape plan for several years ahead. For normal growth spruce Bari, withexplores create optimal conditions in terms of soil and irrigation frequency (moderate version).

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