What is a fluorescent lamp

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From time immemorial so happened that every time the day follows night, and so on. This Fundamental nrirodny principle, depending on the nature of space and the trajectory of motion of our planet. All living creatures have adapted to this way of life - some who have difficulty seeing in the dark, at night sleeping, others, such as owls and bats come out at night in front of the trail hunting. And they both used throughout as far as possible their own organismsma, and only man to continue light hours and eliminating the need to sit in the dark uses its achievements - lighting. At the heart of each such instrument is the source of light - the light. Perhaps Thomas Edison would greatly impressed by how ahead of his inventions stepped humanity. In modern conditionsWhen is of paramount importance, first of all, energy efficiency, an ordinary light bulb with a tungsten wire nakalyvaniya not even mention serious. The future of lighting technologies such as LEDs and luminescence. Last light source is a cylindrical, kolboobrazny unit is used for Generatorsation of rays of light electric discharge in the gaseous medium. Structurally, the fluorescent lamp is a glass cylinder, both ends of which are network contacts (plus and minus). On the inner surface of the cylinder applied phosphor - a substance capable of converting radiation energy into light. By radiation is meant Remote Controlrafioletovaya wave produced by passing through the discharge gas filling the cylinder (a mixture of argon and mercury pressure). Power (both light and energy), and consequently, the scope of the fluorescent lamp is determined by a pressure medium. There are lamps, high and low pressure used, respectively, for the streetth and home lighting. One of the leaders in the production of such lamps is a world famous corporation Philips. - It is always a guarantee of quality and safety. "At its arsenal" Philips has several dozen different types of fluorescent lamps (tubular, with improved color reproduction, color, special), different power, basementevki.

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