The most common failure TVs Panasonic


In the early days of mass distributionhousehold appliances, koeyu in the vast majority, were televisions, one of the leaders of the People's Choice Award and a pioneer in the industry believe the Japanese corporation Panasonic. It has not lost its quality and market segment, and so far, despite the fact that the real leaders in this segment of the market are Sony and LG. To date, the population of ourformer general vast country (meaning the Soviet Union and post-Soviet space) on hand has lots of TVs of the brand, starting with the CRT options to modern LCD, plasma, LED and LCD technologies. All of these TVs are, however, and any equipment, from time to time break (no breakage hThe insured no question that the quality Panasonic, even if the old model is broken on the order of less domestic samples). And what are we to tell breakage Vasiliev AP - master of "about the cold," which for the past 10 years and provides high quality. Although damage to the TV are different, it is connected with toFor instructions, and operating conditions, but it is still possible to identify the main, the most common types of problems:

  • The TV is not turned on or turned off automatically . The problem often lies in the failed power supply;
  • The absence of bothoh no reaction to pressing the buttons . The problem is related to the failure of the control board or the wear and tear of its elements;
  • distortion, lack of sharpness of the image . The problem encountered in damage control board, video card or a matrix of the TV;
  • No picture during normal sound (or vice versa) . The problem lies in the failure of appropriate amplifiers, blocks of color, video and audio processors.

This is only a common problem, and that they should be the elimination of Doverit certified professionals.

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