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The cleanest country in the world

It so happened that, developing and progressing, humanity, or rather the result of its sensible activity and creativity, damaged the basis - the nature that surrounds us, and with it the environment. Today the problem of conservation, protection and preservation of the environment is one of the world's problems. ecologyPuzzled by it, scientists at Yale and Columbia universities have developed a program to identify the indicator of environmental performance, which allows us to determine how seriously people of a country related to the problem of protection of the environment. There are 25 assessment criterias, from the simplest ( water quality) to more complex (diversity of life forms in the region). There were evaluated 140 countries. The results of this work allowed to identify the most ecologically clean countries in every region of the planet.

Switzerland - favorite vacation spot of all skiers in the world, was recognized the cleanest country in Western Europe. As it turned out, this country is not only known for its unrivaled nature, but also concern for its preservation. SwitzerlandBy 8 criteria of environmental assessment, including forest health sanitation, water quality and other, Switzerland is unrivaled. Perhaps that is why the average life expectancy here is 81 years. Based on the fact that Switzerland is a country with a lot of mountains, farming is very poorly developed here, therefore it had been granted an average score when assessing the level of agriculture.

Croatia was recognized the purest country in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Groomed and always impeccable and clean beaches, clear water of Adriatic Croatia Sea attract a great variety of tourists from all over the world to this country. Enjoying a swim in the crystal clear sea, you can forget about all previously heard "horror stories" about various infections transmitted through the water. Simply there are no such infections and can not be. Croatia is good, but  air quality "has disappointed", spoiled by developed here industries.

Costa Rica is the most clean country of America. Unlike other Latin American countries, Costa Rica has preserved its forests avoiding their logging. Costa RicaOn such evaluation criteria as "the condition of the forest", and " air quality" Costa Rica scored 97 points of 100 possible, which is a very good indicator. But, as any other country, Costa Rica has its weaknesses, namely the protection and security of its maritime zones.

New Zealand is the cleanest country in Asia. Life here is in full swing, and that's New Zealandwhy so many people here do not imagine their existence without recreation. infinitely taking care about preservation of the environment, New Zealand scored 84.5 points of 100 possible. It was highly appreciated the water quality. However, a considerable amount of carbon dioxide in the air - this is the aspect on which they should still work.

Israel is the cleanest country in the Middle East. Maximum observance of all standards of sanitation, excellent Israel air and water quality and minimal use of pesticides puts Israel on a par with the best European countries. Index of the average life expectancy of Israelis is 81, that speaks about only a beneficial effect of the nature on the organisms of local residents.

Mauritius is the cleanest country in Africa. MauritiusThe island is located in the Indian Ocean, its famous for clean air, high health of local residents and the huge quantities of clean drinking water. Depressing, only one - pollution of the atmosphere with harmful gases.

Bermuda IslandsHow many legends and mysterious stories associated with Bermudians. But not only the aura of mystery is able to attract tourists to this beautiful islands.

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    Ulrich - 29.01.2013, 10:13
    Norway is realy very clean country. Its air so fresh that you want to breathe without stop.
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    You couldn't pay me to ingore these posts!