What is Graphic Design (GD)

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As you know, most of the information the human body (or rather the brain) perceivesso it is through the visual receptors. That's why a key part of promotional products is focused on the visual perception of the presented information. On how exactly this information (actually a set of pictures) will be received by a person on a subconscious level, depends on how successful will work as advertised computerAANII (through increased demand for the advertised product), as well as the company, which manufactures advertising (through an increase in demand for its services). The effectiveness of such activities depends on how effectively the tools of graphic design. In fact, the State Duma and is the intermediate stage between the desire of the client and is readyoh advertising. combines art and design activities aimed at creating an efficient and harmonious (in terms of perception) products or even the whole visual communication medium. Traces of graphic design can be found in all spheres of society (the simplest example - road signs, signs, signsand so on). Historically, the first manifestation of HD is associated with the first printing presses. As separate "school", the direction of the State Duma began to stand out from the beginning of the twentieth century (Russian Constructivism, the American School of Advertising, Polish, Japanese and Cuban poster school, and many others). In view of the wide range of applications, DG can be quite specific classesfied with reference to the basic problem:

  • typographical and book design;
  • corporate identity development;
  • the development of signs of communication and navigation;
  • advertising posters;
  • Development of design packages;
  • web design and much more.

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