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of, are among the largest on the questiontori Runet information and news sites, pay more attention to lighting and the latest world. In view of how fast and hard things are going in the world, and especially in the eastern part of Europe, there is always (almost every minute) you can find the freshest   information in all fields. Against the background of the conflict in the Donets Basin, Ukraineand Russia, and are probably the most mentioned words in the news around the world and it is quite natural in view of the geopolitical situation and the impact on the situation in the world. Among the recent events that have been highlighted on the site, particularly important are the following:

  • another round of sanctions in the case ofBarrier-world community towards Russia. From the words of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, expand the list of sanctions, not least by a fall in the Malaysian Boeing. From the words of Lavrov, it looks like a blasphemous action on the part of Europe, where the loss of life is used to put pressure on his country;
  • next"Gumkonvoy" as it has been dubbed in Ukraine, plans to send in the near future (probably by the end of the week) with the support of the Russian Emergencies Ministry;
  • another "persecution of witches" in the Russian economy: after the once acclaimed proceedings against Khodorkovsky, today a similar relation has undergone one of the most compoyatelnyh and influential businessmen of the country Vladimir Yevtushenko, who is charged with money laundering in a large scale. The question is related to the fuel and energy market of the country (again), and therefore, probably, cause a lot of questions, particularly about the redistribution of property and harassment by the authorities;
  • Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the need for a combat-ready and sufficient military force in the Crimea in connection with the aggravated in the southwest of the situation and the potential proximity of NATO troops.  

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