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Every day in our lives, we are faced with a variety of structures, devices, machines and other movable and nedvizhimoy appliances. This whole list of achievements of engineering is so firmly entrenched in our everyday life that hardly anyone pays attention or at least occasionally think about how all the same they were made (except in cases where there is a need to repair or viewing   program "What this is done "on channel Discovery). In absolutesTnom most cases, even partially (e.g., in the form of carcasses or parts facing) any product consists of metal. But this does not mean that at some production took a piece of metal and made a kind of complex configuration structure. Firstly, it is extremely beneficial in financial terms, and secondly - it is impossible (or extremely layerzhno) is technically due to the lack of necessary equipment and tools. Therefore, any design metal is present in the form of parts produced on special machines of special shaped blanks - metal rolling. It is cheap, for rolled products, and the manufacturer of the final product from it, moreover, the entire rental Standartizirovan and unified, which simplifies timing and sources of supply.

All manufactured metal products can be divided into three main groups in the form section:

  • or flat sheet metal (steel sheets in rolls, belts, individual standard sheets);
  • withmouths metal (usually strand billet round, square, hexagonal cross-section, coiling rods valve type);
  • metal products (bars with the cross-sectional shape such as angle, channel, I-beam, rails and other more complex shapes).

Materialth for hire can be: steel (ferrous and alloy), copper, aluminum, etc.

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