What is digitizing slides


Probably most of us, in one form or another, have seen a slide film. In general terms, it is a demonstration of every single framemappings (individual frames). The simplest example of the existing - View images on a personal computer or any other gadget, using the slide show function (the program after a certain time period replaces the figure on the next on the list). In addition, each student is familiar demonstration lecture teaching material, whichI posted on transparencies (slides), with the projector. Well, the most rare method, which is known to all children of the USSR (until the collapse of the union) - filmstrip. This film, each frame is a thematic picture (for example, in the form of a comic tale) and shows the projection method using an overhead projector. Agree, MNogie owners of vintage slides (films) would not mind to transfer them to digital media, for better preservation and convenience of playing. Digitization is carried out on a special slide scanner at what professional equipment makes it possible to achieve quite impressive results. (Scanning) Bestowsit is rather the digital image in a wide dynamic range. In addition, the scanner can achieve professional-definition (resolution) to 4,000 (dpi). The resulting scan slides can be subjected to post-processing (restoration of colors, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation).

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