Modern diving

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depths of the ocean attract the attention of not less than the sky or space. There mtion of the unknown, a lot of unusual forms of life, which by itself causes an increased interest on the part of the person. Attempts to conquer the depth probably carried out at all times of mankind dating with water. But no matter how much you did not try to keep up with the fish, it has one significant advantage - it can freely breathe inode. Attempts to establish a special breathing apparatus known for a long time, ever since the Middle Ages. The first working prototype was created scuba France legendary Jacques-Iwama Scrubs middle of the last century. Since then, scuba and other diving equipment, improved to keep pace with the times. However, any diving (that is swimming pod water) directly in contact with the specific hazards: drowning, decompression, barotrauma, poisoning. Comfortable diving should be carried out in the presence of an individual set cnaryazheniya: wetsuit, fins, mask (), scuba, air tanks, weights, clock, depth, and so on. Modern diving is actively used in different areas of eConomy, but it can be divided into chetvre basic types: recreational, sports, technical professional. Each of these different equipment that is used, as well as scope. Each diver must take special courses to be able to competently and quickly orient themselves in stressful or emergency situations. DiveING - quite a popular form of entertainment and a young

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