Breaking propeller shaft


Car on the road becomes more and more, so that clearly limpingt quality. The idea frankly not new and modern reality is applicable not only in the automotive industry, but also other sectors of the economy and industry. The explanation is quite simple - any increase in the rate and extent of streaming production directly affects the quality of materials, components and assembly work, because it is necessary to reduce the cost of production andsell more. As a result - many breakdowns responsible units, which are at best end up costly repairs. One of the critical components of any vehicle, which is also prone to breakage, or a cardan driveshaft. This special design of the bonding roll having hinged lugs, and transmits torque ofso the drive shaft to the slave. The use of this shaft allows you to combine the performance of two shafts that are not aligned with each other, and also at an angle. Breaking cardan directly contributes to unnecessary noise and vibration. Causes and nature of damage cardan, lie in their design and operating conditions:

  • insufficient lubrication grooves;
  • loosening nuts cardan;
  • wear surfaces and parts of friction (rolling);
  • universal joint deformity;
  • violation of technology and sequence of assembly;
  • imbalance shaft.

Any (if possible) should include the following steps:

  • Diagnostics;
  • dismantling, demolition cardan;
  • proper repair (replacement parts);
  • grease karadna;
  • Balancing propeller shaft.

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