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Many people have probably heard of Chekhov's famous phrase, "How many languages ??you knows, many times you are a man. "In practice, no less important, because the more languages ??you know (especially the top, commonly used), the more you have the ability to open communication. Historically, the most common in post-Soviet schools is English, but no less interesting as a cultural, as well as withpractical point of view is French. Statistics tell us that is used as a spoken or official in more than 43 countries around the world. Many global institutions and organizations, French usage is on par with English. In addition there are a number of reasons, which can be guided in their striveenii to language learning:

  • France - is an internationally recognized leader in the field of fashion and culture. Here are located the headquarters and production of the most famous fashion houses Channel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton. French literature gave the world the greatestthe number of Nobel laureates. In addition, France - the birthplace of many famous artists, philosophers, musicians and other artists;
  • thanks to the cultural heritage, cuisine, wine, France is visited annually by 60 million tourists. Knowledge of French will help you to fully appreciate the mentality andculture of the region;
  • study in French universities are equally available to both citizens and visitors (provided proficiency);
  • based on the French territory, many leading industrial manufacturers.

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