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The door - it is one of the key elements of any premises and buildings . Doors need to enter the premises, or to prevent such an attempt by unwanted persons. Despite all the practicality and basic protective function, nothing prevents it to perform more and decorative. This is understandable, because the quality, tastefully decorated house, just sorely in need of a solid door. By the way, you can purr?sti the online store "Doors to Kashira Court." Particularly diverse in terms of decor doors, the location of which allows to focus more attention on the decorative element. The absence of the urgent need to implement protective function makes it possible to use a variety of materials and components. In accor- danceclearly this indicator (material), interior doors can be made of:

  • tree (the so-called natural door). Material that is most valuable, strong, practical, but also the most expensive. As a rule, well-dried wood is used;
  • laminatingannogo MDF. The most cheap, easy to manufacture and mass material. The technology allows to create any textured pattern to simulate any color or type of wood;
  • veneer array. A technology that allows to create a strong door, with any decorative pattern, not much inferior in quality naturalFirst and obviously superior MDF.

In addition to the interior doors are widely used glass inserts of transparent, matt, hazy glass. Glass can have different patterns (as textured or natural) or a mirror effect.

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