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Any activity, including driving, should be regulatedand is controlled by means of regulations and legislation in order to create normal working conditions, safety (both personal and group). But any activity, despite all the measures tends to fail in a variety of force majeure. In the case of vehicles, such circumstances may be a faultBreakdowns, accidents, traffic violations, and more. In any of these cases, it may be necessary (depending on the seriousness of the situation) move the vehicle to a safe place or shtrafploschadku, as they say, "is not under their own power." For this purpose have been established and successfully operate vehicles evacuation or simply tow. KWhy you can order the company "AUTO Assistance". Way to move the towed vehicle (TC), used by service personnel tow depends on the specific factors:

  • design and technical capabilities of a tow truck;
  • state and Gabahydration band sizes transported funds;
  • objective conditions at the site and its evacuation route.

In view of these points, the evacuation of the vehicle, in the following ways: loading (full or partial) TC trailed platform or towing.

classificationcation tow produced by the method of loading the vehicle:

  • winch tow truck with a sliding platform. Handling by means of a cable winch on the vehicle platform. The latter can be fixed or sliding, which imposes restrictions on the class of soybean vehicle, which can be loaded;
  • tow truck with manipulator. In this case, the authority, the traction winches used mounted crane.

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