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Every product is effective and pays off in production in the presence of stabilnogon demand. Last is supported by not only the quality of the product (although this is very important), but proper advertising. This is precisely the main purpose of a tool such as marketing. Proper marketing should harmoniously combine all the processes from the creation of the product, its advertising (promotion in the market) and to the organization of stableand beneficial relationship between producer and consumer. The wider consumer network (close ties with the manufacturer), the higher the sales and quality, which can be improved by the wishes of consumers. Given the capabilities of modern scientific and technological progress, namely the Internet, using it as a tool and a platformand for sales promotion in today's business activities is vital. Internet has the means of communication in the roots are not comparable in its capabilities with print and television. One of the most effective methods of marketing on the Internet is the so-called marketing email account (for details, see nand website.) allows you to create a direct link between the manufacturer (distributor) and potential customers via e-mail (email account). The very concept of email account marketing is sometimes mistakenly confused with spam or rampant Internet mailing. Unlike them, to communicate with clients using a database of addresses provided by their consent andstrategic goal. The advantages of this type of advertising strategy are its low cost, the ability to create and expand its customer base, to organize them active relationship (comments, requests, orders, etc.) and automate the entire process. As in any other form of advertising, marketing email account is characterized by NESCOlkimi indicators to assess the effectiveness of:
number of subscriptions, figures and letters reading "clicks" spam score and materialization of advertising in a package.

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