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The existence of a multitude of nations and, respectivelybut the languages ??of communication requires the organization of an effective system of information exchange equivalent (translation) between the different language groups. The classic version - a course (print sample). But its use is very specific restrictions:

  • rapid wear of paper material while actively usings;
  • language restrictions and the need to find the right dictionary.

The classic version provides for the required number of handy dictionary by buying or permanent visit to the library. All this eliminates the limitations with success in scientific and technicalcue progress in the form of the Internet, digital media and related software. Online dictionary - a new milestone in the development of philology. They are an electronic version of the dictionary, which are free or fee-based resources available on the World Wide Web. The possibility of such dictionaries (or even complexes dictionaries) knowledgeconsiderably wider than paper counterparts, also have extended and additional functionality. Distinctive features of modern online dictionaries are:

  • multilanguage (multi-language support function of mutual translation);
  • extended cnetsializatsiya (choice of translation option on the basis of a thematic sense - technology, business arts, etc.);
  • spell check (the spelling as the source text and the translated);
  • additional functions (transliteration, virtual keyboard languagea marketing forum, training programs and other).

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