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Metal inherently very versatile engineering and constructionmaterial. A variety of configurations of rolled metal (from the sheet to the round and shaped), as well as qualities such as hardness and strength, allow you to create a variety of designs, frames, cladding products, and more. But metal, as well as any other material susceptible to aging and planet destruction, and thus need protection.Most often metal destruction occurs due to corrosion products (any basic constituent element of the metal is iron, which is subject to the active oxidation of water and air). Therefore, to extend the "life cycle" of any metal product, the surface must be protected with a special coatingPreventing surface oxidation reactions balls. For this purpose, use a variety of coatings. You can buy from the online store "Colors on the couch." The advantage of metal coatings in comparison with paint is the formation on the metal surface more durable and transparent film that withstands externaltheir destructive factors (humidity, temperature, etc.). In its structure, lacquer - a mixture (or more precisely - solution) natural or synthetic resin in a solvent. And is in liquid form after application by evaporation of solvent forms a solid film is polymerized. In addition to these two main components of the varnish can inpodit various additives and additives that give cover additional properties (strength, elasticity, dullness, etc.). In addition to the basic protective function, nail and also copes with the aesthetic and decorative.

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