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Cornflowers (Centaur é a) - genus of herbaceous plants in the aster family more. Perennial species grown vacationers. In the process simple hybridization was bred quite a number of different varieties, different color and shape of flowers. Today, there are more than 500 varieties.


Liguria belongs to quite a perennial. It is valued for decorative beautiful leaves are quite large, unusual color and abundant and continuous flowering. The plant often does not require special growing conditions. At the height usually reaches more than 150 cm.

Buddleja - care, cultivation and propagation

Buddleja (Buddleja) belongs to the perennial plants and is often a shrub, while reaching a height of over two meters. Buddleja Flowers small, clustered in inflorescences grains   often up to 40 cm. The flowers are often white, pink, yellow, blue colors and have a nice sufficientexactly honey aroma. Flowering ornamental and quite long. Flowering usually often falls on the month of September.

Periwinkle - care, cultivation and propagation

Periwinkle usually refers to groundcover, perennials. Prized for quite abundant and fairly long flowering. Agestion has a rather medicinal properties. Care it fairly simple, with very good bloom.

Badan - care, cultivation and propagation

Badan (Bergen) supposed to, but do not occur very often, and annual species. At the height reaches about 40 cm. It differs quite abundant and usually contolzhitelnym flowering, ornamental foliage and flowers. In the care of these plants are not whimsical. It is known that saxifrage is often used for medicinal purposes. The genus includes about 10 species.

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