What men buy flowers more often?

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The men around the age of 40 years to buy a rose in a large number, but the young men, usually one flower advansubstantially white. Today we know what colors mostly men buy their women. Each flower requires a special approach and care. According to sellers flower market, in the underpass, the popular today is considered a traditional male flower - carnation and calla lilies and gladioli. Winter flower is the orchid, because of the summerIt does not grow on. Rose - a symbol of love - love the cool water. Keep it should be at a temperature ranging from +5 to +18 degrees with low humidity. To the queen of flowers longer pleased with our eye with its originality, every day you need to change the water, cut diagonally from below the stem and snap off the bottom of the stem leaves.

Bouquets of flowers

Most florists accept orders for manufacturing of exotic flowers. Statistics show that men aged about 40 years, buy roses in large quantities, and young people, when they go out on a date, usually one flower, predominantly white. As for March 8, men generally buy spring flowers. Bringthem from Poland, Georgia and warm edges. For example, mimosa kuschom grows and blooms once a year, just on the eve of 8 - March. Tulips from Holland arrives, though some growers grow them at home. Tulips are planted in the fall and keep them in the cold, and in the past month for March 8 are entered into the room warm. By the way, in Russia to purchase beautifule bouquets delivered to you online store « Grand Flora & raquo ;:.

Exotic flower pots

In recent years, appeared in selling exotic vases. Flowers in pots seem so beautiful, and as soon as they stand up at home a few days, has already lost its beauty. Probably due to the fact that maLo who knows how they should be cared for. Vendors such vases refused to give any comment to care for them. Great demand from buyers small cactus that cost 25-35 rubles. Cost colors vary depending on where they were grown. If abroad, the price is considered through the trade exchange of the city, where they were youvedeny. Taking into account the costs of transportation across the border. The process of transport of a fully eliminates the possibility of damage to the flowers - cooling boxes securely retain optimal environment flora. Prices of flowers during the holidays usually grow. If the average price of a single rose during the week of 25 to 30 rubles, the holidays it reaches $ 100. INThis year, as noted sellers of the market, selling flowers has been very good, and March 9 from the shelves almost disappeared tulips.

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