Going to the Sea of ??Azov in Kirillovka


Every time comes hot, grueling summer, we comprehend -the idea that perhaps it is time-would have to slip away somewhere far away from the hot concrete and asphalt of the city, where sometimes be unbearably difficult. Just imagine a huge Dnepropetrovsk when it covers the 35-degree heat, everything is heated, vaporized. Thus it becomes difficult to even breathe, because to the natural dA hot period stuffiness added and managed from the nearby industrial areas. Terms, frankly apocalyptic, why is it surprising that any normal person at a time trying to leave the city limits for some time in search of pure nature and the reservoir, allowing to cool his ardor. This period is alsoideal and favorite for the legal right to annual leave. In such circumstances, any person perceives a logical question: where are all the same to leave the dusty, sultry metropolis?


The answer is obvious - the sea. Yes, someone will say that the ideal place for vacationand is the southern coast of Crimea. So it was for many years, since Soviet times, which inevitably transformed a mental stereotype. Unfortunately, due to objective reasons Crimea today was in some way closed, and not very friendly part of the country. This direction, at least for now, it has become less desirable. At a time whenCrimea is not safe to go, and undesirable, while Kherson and Odessa areas far longer to reach the coast, naturally have to discover resort areas that are actually at hand - to the Azov coast in a straight line less than 300 km, which makes it faster and less tiring .


Moreover, from Dnepropetrovsk constantly (daily 6-00 am) ply towards the sea, for example. It is a small, eco-friendly health resort south of Melitopol. The distance from Dnepropetrovsk to Kyrylivka by car or shuttle bus is possible to master for some 4:00. This factIt is making the direction of a more attractive and mobile, as the same day you can easily reach the sea and back. But the beauty is not Kyrylivka in transport infrastructure, and in its natural, natural location. The surrounding salty waters of the sea and surrounding large lagoons contribute to the saturation of the air minerals, caalia - sea salt, which is extremely positive effect on the prevention of diseases of the nervous system, upper respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, as well as for the overall strengthening of immunity. Add to this the natural bottom topography, which in the coastal zone has a long sloping shelf - the shallow water - with more heat thanand the Black Sea, the water, the face - an ideal environment for families, even with small children. Especially because for them, and for adults, there is a huge amount of both water and beach attractions, among which are the dolphinarium and water parks.

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