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The beauty of our latitude that we can afford to oschutit All the variability and seasonality of nature. After the winter frosts and snow drifts (to be honest, lately this can sometimes just to dream), there comes a cool, but all the colors of spring blossoms, which in turn was replaced by the hot and sunny summer. It is the summer of the times, which is often chosen by our residents for the hedgehogoday deserved vacation.

What the just need to relax - this is understandable, but that not every vacation can be called complete, and correct. For example, it can hardly be called a normal vacation, which is used to solve everyday problems, or for lying on the couch. Especially because in the hot summerin a large, industrial Dnepropetrovsk district and be at times unbearable.

Everyone from Dnepropetrovsk (as, indeed, any other inhabitant of the country living in other regions) at this time wants to escape from the scorching concrete bunker and get comfortable anywhere on the coast. For this purpose there q.s.sary break (Now this word is more than urgent) in the Crimea, as the sea there is a lot closer.


If you leave the city in a southerly direction, then at about 280 km on the highway you will find a paradise on the edge of the peninsula - spa resort Kyrylivka. vsegoPotrativ4 hours by road, though personal, though passenger transport (especially that depart daily), you will find yourself in a paradise on earth. Relatively small village is surrounded by water: the two sides of its salty waters washed two nearby estuaries (Milk and Utlyuksky), and from the south - the Azov Sea.

geographiction feature Kyrylivka are the adjacent sand bars: Fedotov and spit. It is a long and relatively narrow strip of land allows us to appreciate and compare the water estuaries and the sea. Here on these queues are located most of the lodges and the presence of mandatory rides. In total, over the boLeia than 50 km on both sides stretched more than 300 cultural recreation centers, guest houses, hotels. All this is harmoniously complemented by fairly well-developed infrastructure of rest. There are dolphin, aquatic and terrestrial attractions. In Kirillovka your vacation will find not only a bright distinctive features, but the real meaning. The fact that KirillION, due to its location, has a wonderful recreational potential. At the state level, the village and the surrounding areas are climate and spa (mud baths) resort areas. Therefore, they visit only a positive effect on the prevention of respiratory diseases, strengthen the immune system and strengthen the respiratory, nervetion and immune systems. This is useful at any age, but especially helpful - in children, because it is the child's body more than others prone to the development of acute respiratory infections.


Having chosen as destinations Kyrylivka, your turn to share a huge positive, especially since problems with the DOEzdom from virtually none.

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