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LEGO Education – a separate unit in the structure of productionItel toys LEGO Group (Denmark). Developing a set on the basis of LEGO pieces for pedagogical use, as well as special software, educational methods, etc.
More than 30 years collaborating with teachers, co-creating training solutions and tools. Their main goal - to make the lessons fun and interestssnymi giving motivation. Designers LEGO Education - a symbiosis of seemingly incompatible, things, such as playing and training. But it is known that it is a game and is the most effective method of development of certain skills. A child during the game develops fine motor skills, memory and logical thinking, studying mechanics, physics,programming. All LEGO sets collection of reference and teaching materials, which contributes to the development of a child's ability to use and find solutions in the reference books.
The main objective of LEGO Education - to develop in children the desire and ability to think creatively, outside the box, to reason and logically disclose themselves your sweatntsial - as a tool to create their own future.
Set to play and learning developed in many companies, however, they are clearly defined in the series, according to the destination and age:

  • kits for pre-school age LEGO Education Early Learning (for children 1.5 to 6.7 years);
  • sets for humanities;
  • sets for more advanced and in-depth study of physics;
  • simple robotics kits for LEGO Education WeDo;
  • Set to build programmable robotic systems (LEGO Mindstorms).

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