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To read in English?

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This issue usually occurs in those who want to make the learning processI not only useful but also enjoyable. Who did not know, reading original texts helps to expand vocabulary, language and feel better maintain contact with him, that is not learned to forget. So, where to start? The choice of works to be read, in my opinion, 70 percent depends on what you finish reading it or not, as well, wantgenerally pick up the next book. It is therefore important to choose interesting you author and affordable for you the level of difficulty. According to the authors, I think everyone has his own taste and preferences. Therefore, at this stage it is necessary to think about it, such that you would like to read. If your level of English is minimal, then you can hire a tutorsuch as or zapisatsya courses.

What books choose to read

If the reading was not your hobby, as you read in the school works in an abridged version, you can grasp the world classics. In intrenet have a bunch of lists of books that are worth reading. For example, zdeCamping can see a list of the British Minister of Education. The second step - check the text of the selected works of the adequacy of the language and your level of satisfaction. My criterion - a page of text should be no more than 10 new words, but better - 5. Then you can safely read without a dictionary. I usually stress for themselves unfamiliar words, sometimescheck their value, especially if they occur frequently. But, in general, new words should be enough to work it was clear without looking in the dictionary. "Leaf through" the classics and become familiar with their language can be on the Internet. Online lack of servers from which to download your desired product or just view itonline. You can also buy the book - original works are usually not very expensive, but adapting to the lungs of the options are a bit more expensive. On the other hand, you can always take something online.

For that you should not take

Be careful when choosing the classics to the twentieth century.Complex and outdated speech in Shakespeare, Wilde, Dickens, and so on. D. Of those on the list of "hits" I would not advise to start "1984" Ourela those who have the level of English is not yet the highest. Win-win lighter options - books for children. If you take the children's novels, stories and fairy tales, then they are usually a little easier to read. Therefore, we cantake on "Treasure Island," "Alice in Wonderland," "Pinocchio," "Harry Potter," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and others. Romantic story for girls - "A Little Princess" (Frances Hodgson Burnett). A little harder - "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain. With an adult is not very difficult to me to be "White fang" by Jack London, "Pride andprejudice "by Jane Austen, Selected stories from O. Henry. Interesting to read should be" The Black Prince "by Iris Murdoch. With the new you can try to" Eat. Pray. Love. "By Elisabeth Gilbert, I advise you to read and Zadie Smith, although I myself have not tried. Who likes detectives, start with" The Firm "by John Grisham.

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